Monday, October 29, 2012

Marble Hornets Review


Do you like scary? Do you like realism? Do you like horror that is done so well, it just leaves your jaw dropped?
Then Marble Hornets might be just for you. Marble Hornets is a series of webisodes that are based on the Slender man mythos. Now I know what
you're thinking. "Isn't Slender man just a stupid internet meme?" Slender man mostly became popular as an internet meme yes, but this variation of the mythos
may terrify you into taking it more seriously...

The story starts off about this film maker named Alex who is making a movie for a college project. As he progresses with the film, a series of events happen where he is being followed by a mysterious character
known as the "operator". After several encounters and his sanity slipping, Alex quickly calls it quits on the project and wants nothing more then to leave town and have no more involvement.
One of Alex's fellow classmates Jay, who was also part of the project, decides he wants to pick up where Alex left off. He contacts Alex asking for the footage he had filmed and also why he no longer wanted to take part in it.
Alex gives Jay the footage and tells him about the "troubles" he had while filming and why he couldn't take it anymore. From then on Jay picks up the reins and over time discovers the true secrets behind the scenes of Marble
Hornets and danger that ensues.......

This series is everything that a horror enthusiast could ask for. Psychological terror and a sense of realism that really brings you as the viewer into the film. Not only are the video entries amazing, but if you follow the series on Twitter you can see
every one of Jay's entries about his encounters and the critical plot points that guide you through every step of the way. The pictures, the replies and additional clips from "totheark" All of these draw you in and keep you on the edge of your seat.
The filming style is done very well. It is all free hand camera filming, but its not like the "blair witch project", where you might develop motion sickness from watching too much. A lot of it is done very much in the vein of "Paranormal Activity" There are
some scenes where the camera is being held and moving around and others where it is stationary. The thing I like most about movies like this is that it almost seems like there is barely any budget involved and that anyone with a handheld camera could pull it off.
Now of course you have to have a know how of filming and knowing how scenes work and great story telling skills, but really it does give you a sense of " Wow I could do something like this." Also there are many scenes without sound, these really help build the intensity
of the atmosphere. For fans of movies such as "Paranormal Activity" and The "Blair Witch Project", this is definitely up your alley.

Now there are some of you out there, that maybe this won't be your cup of tea and if so then that's ok. I do have to say there are a couple of supporting characters involved that you don't quite get attached to and they do have a bit of a filler feel to them.
It's really tough to notice though when 3 quarters of the time your eyes are glued open, watching everything. Now if you like blood, guts and gore and slasher films, this may not be for you. This film is done in a very thriller like way and is very "clean."
This film also does not have as strong an effect, if you are watching it with a group of people and or in the daytime. It's a little corny, yes I know, but really this series has the most intense effect when watched alone and without lights. The fear effect is really driven when
the imagination starts running wild. If you find that you aren't into that, or that it's lame, then you may not be interested.

To conclude Marble Hornets is definitely worth checking out, I highly recommend this to anyone who appreciates the horror genre and independent films.

To see the series from the beginning start here.

Continue along with entry #1 and so on.

You can also visit  and follow Marble Hornets on Twitter.

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