Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Omen IV or: We watch these things so you don't have to


I knew going into this film, that I was heading for some stormy waters. The first thing that concerned me is that I was well aware of the first movie and it's two sequels, but only after some digging did I even really find this... Thing. Also, based on history - a 4th movie in a series is bound to be bad, and this one is not only no exception - It re-writes the book on being a bad sequ...rema... Whatever you want to call this thing.


Kind of a pseudo remake here in the sense that it follows the plot of the first one except this time it's a girl. It turns out she knows very early on what she is capable of, the reason for this I shall not reveal just in case you choose to watch this thing. Many random deaths occur that all lead to an ending that is so unsatisfying I almost felt like I could throw up.

So whats wrong?


Problem 1: This was a made for TV movie. How on earth are you supposed to make a movie that could have any tie to the original if it's made for TV? Cut out any gore, the awesome death scenes, and course language, suggestive scenes etc. etc. and you are left with this shallow husk of a movie

Problem 2: The acting. Did anyone even want to make this thing? I found myself wondering if peoples payment for making this film was that their family members got to live or something after being trapped in Fox's cavernous basement. Calling the acting Dog Shit is being way too nice.

Problem 3: The musical score. Yes, when they use the original music from the Omen, it brought back fond memories of a movie much scarier than this absolute garbage. The other times however, they used almost a playful soundtrack with a lot of high notes. This soundtrack was not only not scary - it was confusing. Based on the soundtrack alone and what it was suggesting, I think they could have gone with a title for this movie like...

Problem Child 3: Satan Takes a Holiday

Is there any reason to watch this?


In Fact! If someone even suggests that you watch this, and they are serious - You may want to use corrective action on this person. Now i'm not advocating any physical harm, but you may have to ask if that person needs someone to sit beside them.

You tell them you don't want to watch this movie and you are disappointed they would even ask. You could even call it treason of some sort.

Here is a good example of what I'm referring to with the soundtrack/scenes

Yes, you probably have to go wash your eyes out. That's fine.

What should I take away from this review?

There was a great tagline on the first movies poster "You have been warned"

The tagline for this movie should have been "We warned you"

It is with great pleasure that I give this movie the Scroll's lowest rating to date:

0 upside down crosses out of 5

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