Monday, February 11, 2013

Final Destination 2

Well it's been about a week with no reviews and I was bored one night so I decided to watch this movie. I'm sure most people have seen "Final Destination 2" or at least one of the 5 installments. To me this movie has two types of people that know about it. The first are those who have seen it and probably regret watching it and the second are those who know about it, haven't seen it, but maybe should see it, so they know they didn't need to see it. Does that make sense? This movie goes back to 2003 so its not anything new, there have been some ones that came after but, if you've seen one "Final Destination" you've probably seen them all.

So what's the plot?
So for those of you who missed the 2000's, lived under a box, or maybe were too young for these types of movies, the plot is essentially this. A Young girl has a premonition about her death in a major freak car accident on a highway involving several others as well. She ends up saving their lives by preventing the accident only to find that if it's your time to go, then it's your time to go. Death will find you..... Spooky eh? Well not really.

That sounds retarted, who would watch this shit?

I know right? We're always talking about people with too much time on their hands and how that goes hand in hand with bad movies. In this situation I fell victim to that. If you like any of the "Final Destination" movies then you won't have a problem with this, also if you like movies that tend to leave you laughing at how fucking stupid they are, then once again, this one gets a nod.

So is there anything to like here?
Well some of the death scenes, though stupid can be at times pretty funny, especially the few moments just before leading up to them. A.J. Cook is also really hot. There is some entertainment to be had in the movie. This film is also made here in Vancouver and it does a good job of showing off how beautiful the landscapes of BC are. So I have to give it a thumbs up for it making here look good.

So honestly how bad is this movie?
Oh it's total garbage, the acting is terrible, its not suspenseful at all, because everything that is about to happen you can see it coming. There's no sex scenes, there's nothing scary here. Actually wait that's not true, what is scary is how accurate they depict people who drive here, as shown in the big giant car crash in the beginning. That is a bit scary. Everything about the movie was just so predictable that it just doesn't have any effect. Plus I mean the main premise is because they cheat death, now death is coming after them one by one? How stupid is that. I can just picture death from "Family Guy" coming after these guys and going "Well you see guys, you were suppose to die in this big ass car crash but, because you didn't, well you've upset the balance of life and death and well I don't get paid very much for this gig so I have to collect whenever I can." Just garbage.

Please don't kill me with the new colgate total.
Look out Mr. Bill!

Phew! That was close!

Fucking airbag!

Uh huh.... So this is pretty bad. Anything you could do to make it better?
Why yes there is in fact!Don't make it so fucking predictable! Also if you're going to make a series of 5 movies of this, at least put some more effort into the acting and not make it seem like such a big steamy dump.

So what do you give this piece of shit?

1.5/ 5  Grim reapers

Here's the trailer

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