Monday, November 5, 2012

A tale of two trailers

And now presenting something that is a first for this blog... Something that is NOT  review!

Recently, as much of the internet is aware the red band trailer for Evil Dead recently was unveiled. Now while getting a red band is certainly a good sign, I couldn't help but watch the trailer very skeptically.

But first the trailer in question:

Looks pretty cool to me! What concerns me the most about this trailer though is how excited and jacked up everyone is getting about it. I remember when the first of the remake's started happening and yes, the trailers looked pretty good most of the time, but when the films actually hit, they were dud's. As a big Evil Dead fan, my hope is that most people will approach this with muted enthusiasm... This film has the potential to be good, but since it's opening in the time of the "modern" horror film, It could also be destined for failure. I'm also very interested to see how Bruce Campbell's involvement with the picture affects things. This by no means looks like another "My name is Bruce", but everything this man has touched in the past... oh 10 years has all been a steaming pile (And again, this is coming from a BIG Bruce fan.) I just don't have the fan boy in me anymore to justify the film atrocities the man has been involved with.

I want this film to be good, I just think it really has to overcome some problems that the genre faces as a whole at this current juncture.

Now to completely flip flop on everyone, I had the pleasure of seeing a completely different trailer for a different movie today. The "Reboot" of MANIAC!

Now this one i'm not so worried about. What makes me think this one might succeed is that is a remake of one of the more under appreciated and less talked about films from the slasher genre. I also think the casting of Elijah Wood is an interesting and unorthodox choice. His casting is either going to propel the film to a new level of remake success, or it could backfire and simply make too unbelievable (This is Frodo after all). 

My sincerest desire is for both of these films to be excellent and that it kicks off a new standard for remakes. History tells us that this cannot be the case, but at this time, as a fan of the genre and both of the original films in question - I guess there is nothing wrong with a little hope. 

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