Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Entity Review


The Entity is a film by Sidney J. Furie, fictionalizing true events of a paranormal activity. The movie stars Barbara Hershey(Once Upon a Time, Black Swan) who portrays Carla Moran, a single mother who's plagued by a horny sex ghost, who's hellbent on nailing her into oblivion......I'm not even joking.
The best way I could describe this movie would be "horrific ghost porn". Without rhyme or reason this malevolent force starts attacking Carla and forcing itself upon her, at first it seems to want to kill her and then we are shown this entity has other plans.

Within the first 10 minutes of this movie, you get an idea of where its going. One of the things right from the get go I liked about this movie was the music. It's dark and haunting and sets a really good mood. From the introduction to the encounters with the "Entity" the tone is addressed well.

While watching this movie the way the film was shot, reminded me a lot of John Carpenter's "Halloween". There are a lot of scenes with shifty cam shots and scenes where the camera is outside the scene panning in on the characters. It makes it appear as if the "Entity" itself is watching Carla. It's a very unique style of filming for its time and helps to build suspense. Speaking of unique for its time, some of the effects used in this movie are also quite impressive.

Without spoiling too much detail, there is an erotic scene in which Hershey is in bed and she is being pleased by the demonic force and you can actually see where she's being touched, without being touched.... Yeah that's right.

Now unfortunately there was a lot I didn't like about this movie. Right from the first encounter with the force, I was in a state of confusion which lasted throughout most of the movie. Where did this thing come from? Why is it only coming after her? What is the tie in with both of them? It's never really explained, at least not in a way that I think a casual viewer would really understand. To be fair, you have to suspend belief a fair bit as is and something like this can't really be explained, but it doesn't really help carry the plot. I mean yeah Barbara Hershey is really attractive in this film and this ghost must have seen her walking down the street with her kids and was like " boooooooo she's a hot momma! I'm gonna use my sex ghost powers on her and make her my bitch!"

I mean who knows, your guess is as good as mine. Another thing that disappointed me was, as much as the music and filming style helped build suspense and make the mood eerie, when it came to the attacks themselves, I found myself laughing a couple times because they weren't all that suspenseful and at times looked kind of silly. In particular, the very first time the entity comes after Carla in the first few minutes of the movie. Also there's a scene in the bathroom that also didn't scare me or put me on edge, as much as it did kinda make me go " wow she's really getting it ". I felt myself wanting to hit the fast forward button a few times, to see if I could get to any scenes that opened my eyes, but I found I wasn't really into the story. As her encounters progressively get worse, she attempts to seek help from a psychiatrist and then later on parapsychologists and I found by that point I really started to lose interest. The Psychiatrist Dr Sniderman was a good character. He tries to make Carla rationalize her encounters as delusions and suggests that if she can realize it as such then she will stop having them. 

On the other side, the parapsychologists are working against him and trying to prove this entity is as real as it seems. If there is any hidden meaning this film is trying to promote, it would be science vs the paranormal. However in this movie I found this is where it started to get boring and at times got more confusing.

If you're a fan of movies like "Poltergeist" and "Halloween" You might be interested in this movie. I know people who have seen it and liked it a fair bit, so you may not have the same outlook as I have. However my personal opinion is that if you don't see this movie, you're not missing much and to be honest I think "Poltergeist" is way better in showcasing the paranormal then what this one did, but at the same time........ Horrific Ghost Porn...

Here's the trailer, you make the decision

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