Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Outpost: Black Sun

****disclaimer: Our blog nor it's writers support Nazism****

We're back with our second Nazi horror flick, Steve Barker's "Outpost: Black Sun".
This movie is the sequel to "Outpost". A movie which starred Ray Stevenson(Punisher, Thor). This movie however stars a bunch of people you don't know. Luckily in this movie it doesn't really matter.
The movie starts off initially with the main character Lena, who's in search of and old evil Nazi by the name of Klausener. Klausener has discovered a new technology that will create a race of immortal Nazi super soldiers and with them will bring about the 4th Reich. For some reason she's the only one who knows about this and we're not sure why.

So what did I like about this movie?

The fight scenes in this movie are actually pretty decent and are pretty tense.

For a movie that is made in 2012, there isn't really much use of CGI, at least NOT THAT I COULD SEE!(I'll explain this more). The Nazi zombies look like they are wearing makeup and not computer generated. I always appreciate when film makers do that, I'm so sick of movies where CGI is so easily seen because it just seems like a cheap way to make a movie and make it less natural.

This movie looks like it had a decent sized budget because the effects used in it don't look cheap and they do look rather good.

I half liked the acting.

There's a scene in the movie that looked like a nod to Raiders of the Lost Ark near the end, that was pretty neat and the effects were cool.

So what was not so great?

The biggest problem I had with this movie is that visually its so dark. Seriously I might as well have been watching it wearing a blindfold, because you can't see shit and it only gets progressively worse.

With it being so dark it also takes away from how its filmed. I want to say I actually liked the way it was filmed because from what I could tell it actually looked not too bad, but again..... ITS TOO FUCKING DARK!! Have these guys never heard of brightness/contrast?!?!

The acting in this movie went from not too bad to progressively shit, especially the main character Lena. She was really annoying every line she had was "What about Klausener?", "Where's Klausener?" "How do I find Klausener?". Klausener this, Klausener that. Seriously really repetitive and irritating. Some of the dramatic parts in the acting weren't bad but, there were just parts that were stupid.

Oh and one of the last things which made it really confusing is one of the characters who switches sides towards the end. You're left thinking "uh OK what just happened?"

Was it scary?
No, not in the least. There were parts that were tense, but not scary.

Who would like this movie?
If you like Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead. Then this movie will probably cater to you.
Its a decent movie if you find you are kind of looking to kill an hour and a half, it will at least keep you entertained if nothing else.

Final thoughts?
This movie had really good potential. Like I had said before, from how it was filmed and the effects used, the cinematography aspect of it was actually quite decent, but the lighting really messed it up. If they managed to edit that more and fix that problem I bet this movie would have been much better. Also I didn't have any expectations for the actors because they weren't anyone I knew, but I think if the writing would have been more developed they would have done better as well. Would I recommend this movie? Well I wouldn't mind doing so, but I'd be afraid of being badgered afterwards because they complained about not being able to see it, so read this review first and if the idea appeals to you, then by all means have at er.

2.5 zombie Nazi's out of 5

That picture by the way does not accurately depict the lighting in the movie.

Here's the trailer:    

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