Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rites Of Spring

Random Netflix week continues! Today we feature Rites Of Spring. More after the jump.

Whats the plot?

Well... Two movies are going on at the same time. From what I can gather, some people are in financial trouble and feel it's in their best interest to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy man to solve their financial woes. At the same time, two women are abducted from outside of a bar and brought to a barn to be food for a creature that looks like a reject out of the mummy. The two movies eventually smash into one another and blood and guts are your reward.

"Who am I and why am in this movie?"

Sounds pretty cliche, and it is!

There is nothing new here what-so-ever. This film borrows elements from all it's "successful" predecessors and manages to combine them into something that should be able to keep your attention for it's 80 minute running time.

"My last paycheck bounced while filming this thing"

Is there anything to like?

I definitely want to mention the running time again. This plays like a quick movie which is for the most part to it's advantage.

I also actually liked the gore where there was some. This movie doesn't try to hide the fact that it was a budget film destined for the bargain bin and the basements of Netflix. The blood looks fine and is used often enough. The film does have more cut-aways than I would like from the violence, but again, I think that would be due to budget concerns and I would not fault the movie for that.

You said something about two movies smashing into each other?

The way the A and B plot come together is almost laughable. One character escapes the monster and runs into all the other characters much to their surprise!

I figure something must of happened where two different movies were being shot, one of the actors accidentally ran onto the other set and the director who happened to be directing both movies said "eh, fuck it, lets go with it!" and thus the movie was born.

Praying to the corn god that this movie will be sucessful

What else didn't you like?

They kind of explain what the hell is going on. I mean, they need the blood for girls I guess for some creature that gets hungry? They need to protect the corn? Some old man is deranged and keeps his son in a nest and lets him run loose once a year in spring?

It's wide open folks!

I also didn't like that they left the A plot behind so quickly, the girl taken hostage escapes and thats all she wrote. Pretty weak if you ask me.

Who is this movie for?

Go ahead and watch this movie if you are the following:

- A 14 year old girl
- A reviewer on a blog who isn't sure what to review next
- Having a horror movie night with your friends and scare easy
-You like occasional nudity
-You like pagan themes in your horror (Not that much though!)

Who is this movie not for?

Do not watch this movie if the following applies to you:

- You are jaded and seen all this stuff before
- You have ANYTHING better to do
- You need a plot the tidies itself up
- You don't like blood?

Final thoughts

I've seen worse. I've seen a whole hell of a lot better. 

I really would have liked to have seen this movie embrace it's theme a little more and delve into what the hell they are trying to do. I would have liked to have seen a cleaner tie-in of the two plots as well, it just came across as lazy.

I'm giving Rites of Spring 1 corn husk out of 5

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