Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Pact

Another random film, another gamble. Is the pact exciting? Is it a total dud? Read after the jump to find out.

Sometimes going into films with really, and I mean really low expectations pays off, sometimes it doesn't. I'm thrilled to say that "The Pact" far exceeded any expectations that I could of had.

Horror features?

  • Mild gore
  • Jump scares
  • Creepy atmosphere
  • Ghosts
  • Someone who can communicate with the dead
  • Minimalist soundtrack
Not bad!

Whats the plot?

Annie's mother has died. Soon after, a force has entered her house and is causing her to be quite frightened. Annie's sister Nicole and her cousin Liz also go missing. Annie goes on a quest to find out what happened that is both mysterious and supernatural.

What on earth happened to Casper Van Dien?

What did I like?

Well, one thing I have to really highlight is the way this film used Google Maps. I never would have thought that this could have been used for creepy effect or at least thought that it was a couple of years away for it to be utilized properly, but The Pact pulled it off, and it was damn effective too.

The minimal soundtrack this film used is also very effective at setting the proper atmosphere. There is not really any actual music to be found and the film definitely benefits from it. I believe I also heard a nod to the Entity which this film borrows partially from in the beginning.

I also liked how the film actually has an intriguing mystery. At least for myself I can't say that I had this thing figured out right from the get go. I appreciate that the filmmaker didn't feel like he needed to hand feed us, and he gives us just enough to follow along until the big reveal.

Finally, for a film on a budget, this film did all the things it could right. The effects are basic, but extremely effective. The use of still photos amps up the creepy factor, and the use of a medium who looks like a strung out drug addict was a good touch.

Oh and one other thing, this film is actually kind of creepy!

There is lots to like here.

I think you might want to eat a steak, or something full of Iron.

What didn't I like?

Only two things I can really think of:

#1 - the film left some loose ends with Annie's sister and cousin. If they said what happened to them I certainly didn't catch it. I guess it's safe to assume they are murdered, but it could have used to clarity.

#2 - The minimal gore, even on a budget, isn't very well done. The neck stab in particular looked extremely cheap and it was some of the poorest excuse for blood i've seen in a while.

Who would be scared by this?

You would be likely scared by this if you:

  • Are scared by ghosts
  • Are scared of the thought of not necessarily being alone in your home
  • Are 18 and under
  • Jump scare easy
I'm happy to say this film even got me a few times.

Will you like this movie?

Final thoughts?

I think the main thing I want to convey is how impressed I was by this movie. It's not a big budget horror but it really makes this work.  The acting is just fine and it has enough of a story to keep you going. 

Low expectations: They have their benefits... Sometimes.

3.75 Ouija boards out of 5

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