Thursday, January 17, 2013

They Saved Hitler's Brain

**** Disclaimer: This blog nor its writers support Nazism and this review is purely for shits and giggles****

Welcome back to Nazi horror week here at the scroll. We give you our 4th movie of the week David Bradley's "They Saved Hitler's Brain". I tell you its a real big shame they won't be able to save mine after watching this scheise! But more on that in a moment. I think you can tell simply by the photo above that this movie is absolutely ridiculous. So this movie was made in 1963 and much like "Outpost: Black Sun". It stars a bunch of people you couldn't give 2 shits about.

What the hell is this about?

So apparently if you read the back of the dvd box it says the plot is about  how Hitler had a hidden agenda to maintain his life by preserving his brain, or well actually his entire head. Also he plots to release a deadly nerve gas which will wipe out all the allies and win the war. 

Ok so doesn't sound too bad right? Ok the whole saving his brain bit is pretty silly but, releasing a deadly nerve gas and wiping out everyone is pretty diabolical! So let me tell you something. This main plot is not part of the movie until after about 45 mins in. I'm serious! The first half of this movie, has some completely different story going on and a whole different set of characters! The last 45 mins is the actual movie that we're suppose to be watching..... It's like they took 2 movies and cut them in half and put them together.

How is the movie visually?
Fucking terrible that's how! First of all I've seen movies from the 1930's that look better then this malarkey. This movie is 1963 and the version I watched was remastered too. I'd hate to see the original version cause I bet it looks even worse. there's a car chase scene in the movie which was done so bad, the camera is zooming in and out and moving around, I thought I was going to puke! Not every part of the filmography was bad but most of it was.

You were saying something about 2 movies put together?
Yes! Ok the first 45 mins was about these 2 investigators or reporters or whatever they were and they were looking for some top secret plans, supposedly I think it was suppose to be the plans detailing what Hitler had done, but they don't mention that and the Nazi's you see in the first part of the movie look like mobsters! I thought it was like a gangster movie or something. So after that it shifts to the actual movie with a completely different set of characters then who started off in the movie. It kind of reminded me of an Ed Wood movie except, he actually keeps me interested and his movies were so bad they are entertaining. Honestly you could fast forward through the first 45 mins and watch from there and it would be better, but unfortunately not by much.

What was the worst thing about this movie?

Well aside from everything and how boring this movie was, the parts where they get to having Hitler's head in the movie almost made me fall out of my chair. So his head is sitting on top of what looks to be an easy bake oven or the bat computer, you can decide. He's got this glass dish over top and all you see him doing is rolling his eyes around making these stupid looks and OH OH OH! When he does speak, he sounds like one of those Nazi troops from Wolfenstein! "Schooschtofl!" I think they might have even used that voice for those characters.

Here's a scene that describes what I'm talking about

Ok so would anyone like this? Is there anything to like?
I like Ed Wood movies, but I just couldn't get into this. It had some neat classic horror music in it which was cool and I think they were trying to go for a an old 30's style horror movie, but this thing just flops.
I won't watch this again and wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Do yourself a favour, if someone asks you "Have you seen They Saved Hitler's Brain?" Just reply "yep" So it can't be recommended to you.

Final Thoughts?
Dieser film ist krank! Es ist scheise!
(This film is sick!)     (It is shit!)


Oh by the way this movie is also called "Madmen of Mandoras"

0.5 Hitler heads out of 5

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